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You're not just running a hospitality business; you're helping your guests create memorable experiences! That's why we offer a comprehensive Operations Platform System (OPS) with a wide range of features to help ensure every guest feels valued and cared for.

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AI Assistant Powered by the Business Data Knowledge Base

Harness the power of AI to take efficiency and service to new levels! The AI Assistant, fueled by a rich Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB), delivers precise answers and a helping hand when needed, and with those two combined, the possibilities are endless.

Issue Management & Work Order System

Easily track and resolve guest and maintenance issues. With our system, everything you need is in one central place for easy problem-solving. From meticulous maintenance to impeccable housekeeping and even tailored tasks — experience seamless control at your fingertips.

Unified Messaging

Connect with guests across SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, OTAs, and more from one unified platform. In Fully Automated Mode, guests can receive instant AI-generated responses, while Semi-Auto Mode generates responses that Live Agents can review before communicating with the guest.

Enhanced Guest Profiles

By integrating reservations, messages, issues, and work orders, the system offers a comprehensive profile of each guest, aiding in personalized service and better guest experiences. It can also offer actionable insights for personalized upsells and service optimizations in your hotel or STR business.


Navigate your daily housekeeping challenges effortlessly, whether it's room cleaning, maintenance requests, or inventory management. Our platform ensures that every task is meticulously organized and addressed. Centralize all your housekeeping needs, providing a streamlined process for both staff and management.

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AI Assistant

The most advanced generative AI available - at your fingertips

A dependable team member that eases human workload by tackling routine guest inquiries, freeing up precious time to do what you do best - creating exceptional guest experiences.

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Business Data Knowledge Base

Build your library of absolute truth.

A collection of documentation that includes answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, troubleshooting instructions, various policies, and written processes.

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Issues Management System

Track and respond to Issues

From the smallest guest request to ensuring the impeccable condition of every unit, we've tailored our system to address the multi-faceted nature of your business.

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Work Order System

One size doesn’t fit all

Benefit from three preconfigured work order types - Task Work Order, Maintenance Work Order, Email Communication Task Work Order - and for those moments when one size doesn't fit all, craft unlimited custom orders.

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Take immediate action

Never miss vital updates and urgent tasks again, with notifications that pop up in real-time for five types of critical events.

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More Features

Unified Messaging

A single, unified conversation history across platforms

Receive and send messages via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, and OTAs like Airbnb and - all from one place.

Guest Email Communication Hub

Brings all your email communication into a single, manageable space

Simplify and automate email tasks by integrating drag-and-drop templates, dynamic tags, and unified messaging for peak guest satisfaction.


Gather invaluable data

Derive data-driven insights to analyze the performance of various units, identify recurring issues, and understand their root causes to make informed business decisions.

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Making your guests happy is our shared goal. We're here to boost your service level and the quality of the guest experience.

All-In-One Solution

From messaging to issue resolution all in one place, you can avoid common errors and ensure seamless service – every time.

We Grow With You

From a single property to a big portfolio, our platform scales with you.


Use our reports and AI features to make informed decisions.