It's not just about the guests; Ally is dedicated to improving the daily lives of your staff and agents too. Here's how:

Ease of Work

Say goodbye to repetitive communication tasks. In Fully Automated Mode, frequent inquiries are immediately handled by Ally, allowing your agents to focus on creating unparalleled guest experiences.

Human In The Loop

The Semi-Automated Mode allows live agents to review and edit Ally’s generated messages before the guest sees them, saving time and increasing productivity.

Less Room for Error

With the support of a robust Business Knowledge Data Base (BKDB), information retrieval at the internal level is consistent and accurate every time, ensuring all your agents always have the right answers and can find exactly what they need.

AI-Driven Staff Training
& Onboarding

By accessing the BKDB, Ally finds and delivers detailed property information and guides agents in formulating responses. This enables a swift learning curve, empowering your team to excel in guest interactions and quickly gain property knowledge from Day One.

Empower your team with the help of Ally and watch morale and efficiency soar!