Guest Profiles

Imagine a world where you not only recognize your guests but can also predict their desires, recall their history, and cater to their every preference. Enter our Guest Profiles feature, a solution designed to give you a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each guest's journey. 

With our Guest Profiles feature, you're diving deeper into your guests' world. This insight is not about drowning in data, it’s about refining your services to their preferences. It's all about empowering you with meaningful insights, ensuring that every guest feels valued.

Key Characteristics

360-Degree Guest Overview

See more than just bookings. Our Guest Profiles feature gives a complete view of your guests by tracking past and present stays and submitted issues. You get a panoramic understanding of each guest's interactions, allowing for tailored services and offers.

Connected Insights

Profiles are linked with all necessary guest information, from past to most recent reservation. All messages from past reservations, as well as issues and work orders, are also available, making it easy to follow a guest's experience from start to end.

Smart AI

Smart AI Insights

Our AI Assistant quickly spots guest trends and preferences, guiding you with smart suggestions based on past interactions, whether it’s an upsell opportunity or a unique gesture to make their stay special.

Solving Real-world Problems

Personalized Conversations

Starting from past messages, our system helps to polish your interactions, making them more meaningful and valuable for your guests.

Proactive Issue Management

Knowing your guests' past requests and issues allows you to anticipate and address problems before they even become aware of them.