Business Data
Knowledge Base

Update Your Operations with a Centralized Knowledge Base powered by AI
Dharma’s Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB) service is designed to help companies within the hospitality industry build and maintain their own comprehensive internal Business Data Knowledge Base. This centralized database will hold all relevant information about your properties, units, and internal processes, enabling your team to access data easily. It is also essential if you want to utilize the potential of AI more efficiently in your business.

Key Features of our BDKB Service

Customized Knowledge Base

We collaborate with you to create a customized information hub for your company, providing key insights about your properties and processes for streamlined data management.

Information Updates

Our dedicated team ensures your knowledge base remains up-to-date and accurate, handling regular information updates, ensuring that any changes are promptly reflected in the knowledge base.

AI Assistant Integration

Leveraging the BDKB, we integrate Ally, Dharma’s AI Assistant, to provide intelligent support to both staff and guests.

Real Solutions in Action

Efficient Operations and Made Easy

Our services revolutionize operations and training processes. Say goodbye to the hassle of looking for paper documents or manual data searches. We offer quick and reliable access to vital information, speeding up the onboarding of new employees, reducing errors, and boosting overall operational efficiency.

AI with a Human Touch

Our AI assistant, Ally, is equipped with natural language processing capabilities. Ally provides instant responses to common queries from both staff and guests, ensuring smoother processes and quick response times.