Guest Email
Communication Hub

In the world of hospitality, clear communication is key. Our Email Messaging Platform, an integral part of our Operations Platform, is designed to simplify and automate this essential task. 

The Email Messaging Platform is not a regular add-on. Consider it your ally in handling property management. Our goal? Beyond just simplifying email, we're here to elevate your entire operation, ensuring both top-notch efficiency and happy guests.

Key Characteristics

Drag-and-Drop Template Creator

Forget about fiddling with complicated codes. Create captivating email designs effortlessly with our drag-and-drop feature.

Dynamic Tagging

Incorporate tags in your templates, and they'll auto-adapt to specific reservation and property details upon sending. This feature guarantees individualized and spot-on communication.

Unified Messaging

From tailored emails and preset templates to task-driven alerts, send them off directly from the Operations Platform. Our system automates and sends reservation confirmations, check-in instructions, and other essentials. Consider this your comprehensive hub for all email communications.

Solving Real-world Problems

Efficient Email Automation

Automate routine email tasks and empower your team to focus on more impactful duties.

Consistency in Communication

With the use of templates and tags, standardize the way you communicate with guests, ensuring that each one receives a consistent, high-quality experience.

Tracking record

With every email recorded, trace back your correspondence history with any current or past guest, reservation, or unit – effortlessly.


By seamlessly connecting templates to unit groups, our system is set up to grow with your hospitality business' ambitions.