Meet Ally, Dharma’s
AI Assistant

Powered by ChatGPT

Harness the power of the most advanced generative AI technology with Ally, our AI Assistant, available to ease human workload by tackling routine tasks, freeing up precious time to do what you do best - creating exceptional guest experiences.

Our latest developments in Communication + Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB) Information Retrieval focus on elevating interactions to levels that are both trustworthy and effective. This means Ally, integrated with our Operations Platform (OPS), can deliver accurate information pulled from the BDKB, every time.

Ally’s functionalities of the OPS can be utilized with and without integrations with PMS.

With PMS Sync

Ally leverages PMS data to offer tailored interactions, services, and automated task assignments based on detailed guest profiles.

Without PMS Sync

Ally works effectively within Dharma OPS using the Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB), and the Issue and Work Order Systems are also able to function. A PMS Sync isn't required for Ally’s foundational operations. Find out more here!

Choose how you'd like to deploy Dharma’s AI Assistant, Ally, with our two innovative modes:

Fully Automated Mode

For instant guest engagement, where simple inquiries are immediately handled by Ally.

Semi-automated Mode

Perfect for those who prefer a Human In The Loop approach, which allows live agents to review and edit Ally’s messages before the guest sees them.
The vision for Dharma’s AI Assistant, Ally, involves a combination of multiple tools, ensuring that interactions are not only conversational, but also action-oriented. We invite you to join us on this journey as we extend Ally’s capabilities and work together toward your success as a business in the Hospitality Industry.

Key Characteristics

Email Communication

Ally is not just a chatbot, as a specialized part of the Operations Platform, with the Email Tool she will ensure that non-conversational email interactions remain as sophisticated as human responses.

Conversational Issue Generation

Ally will be capable of engaging in dialogue with guests to address concerns and autonomously register issues in the system for personalized agent follow-ups.

Live Agent Transfer

When a human touch is needed, Ally will fluidly transition the conversation with your staff, connecting guests directly to a live agent without missing a beat.

Sales & Booking Guidance

In the future, anticipate Ally’s interactions that feel as if your guests are speaking to a seasoned booking agent. Beyond just dialogue, it naturally offers sales quotes and booking links, ensuring that every potential guest feels catered to.

Channel Dashboard

Look into data regarding traffic and AI-resolved conversations to make better-informed operational and communication decisions that empower your team.

Self-Learning AI

Our built-in evaluator constantly collects insights from Ally’s generated messages as we aim to unify all functionalities into one comprehensive AI model. This feedback loop not only refines our current capabilities, but drives relentless and ongoing improvements, ensuring Ally evolves to be increasingly sophisticated and effective with each interaction.

Solving Real-world Problems

Accurate Property Information

Powered by a robust BDKB, Ally can search for and deliver accurate property information, which cuts down the margin for human error significantly.

Efficient Customer Support

Efficiently handle large volumes of customer messages and emails which reduces wait times and contributes to customer satisfaction.

Always-On Support

The hospitality industry never sleeps, and neither does Ally. With 24/7 availability, Ally guarantees that your agents and guests can always find the help they need when they need it.

AI-Driven Staff Training & Onboarding

By accessing the BDKB, Ally not only formulates responses to accommodate guests, but also provides comprehensive property information to educate and guide staff. This empowers a rapid learning experience, enabling your team to excel in guest interactions and acquire in-depth property knowledge from Day One.