Join Our Early AI
Adopter Program

As a reliable step-by-step process to implement and take advantage of AI in your hospitality business, we have crafted an Early AI Adopter Program. This is a concise and efficient five-step process to integrate Ally, our AI assistant, into your team and company. As the hospitality industry grows and evolves, companies must adapt to new technologies. Let’s embark on this path together.

Join us to explore the necessary steps:

Build your Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB)

Consolidate your business data to provide a strong foundation for Ally, our AI Assistant, to perform her work. By storing valuable knowledge in the Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB), such as check-in/check-out information or pet policies, you enable Ally to deliver precise responses to guests and staff. This knowledge base becomes the backbone of Ally’s capabilities.

Incorporate Ally in Staff-Facing Operations

Ease your staff and organization into the use of AI by using Ally as a staff-facing tool at first. Delegating routine tasks to Ally enhances operational efficiency and allows your team to experience the benefits firsthand. They can witness how Ally helps improve internal processes, freeing up time for meaningful interactions with guests.

Collect Feedback on Ally’s Performance

Gather feedback and insights from your team as they interact with Ally. Their observations and suggestions are invaluable for refining the BDKB and tailoring Ally’s integration into your operations. Continuous improvement is key to unlocking Ally’s full potential and ensuring a smooth guest experience.

Run Ally on Semi-Automated Mode

Take the next steps with the technology by incorporating Ally into your operations in semi-automated mode. Ally will be able to propose responses that your staff can review and customize before they reach your guests. This maintains the human touch while benefiting from Ally’s efficiency and accuracy.

Upgrade Ally to Full-Automation

Once your team is comfortable with Ally’s performance and has witnessed its positive impact, embrace full automation. Let Ally handle tasks like reservations and guest check-ins/outs. With Ally autonomously addressing guest inquiries, your team is freed from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on other aspects of service.

In the technological era, understanding guest needs is fundamental. With the right blend of technology and human touch, you can provide excellence to your guests. Our AI Assistant, Ally, revolutionizes operations and guest experiences, ensuring personalized, efficient, and memorable interactions. Book a free call today and let’s shape the future of hospitality together!