Work Order System

Overseeing a hospitality business means juggling countless tasks. Imagine having a specialized tool tailored to refine each operational step. Welcome to our Work Order System – your partner in ensuring smooth property management and exceptional guest experiences. 

We understand that every property has its unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it. From organizing special housekeeping schedules to managing the tasks that set your property apart, our system is meticulously designed to accommodate and optimize every operational detail

Key Characteristics

Task Work Order

Facilitates the creation, tracking, and setting of reminders for both routine and special tasks to ensure seamless operations.

Maintenance Work Order

Tightly linked to the associated issues, it promptly alerts property managers of any malfunctions or wear and tear.

Email Communication
Task Work Order

Streamlines emails with guests, from reservation confirmations to in-stay communications and check-out details.

Customizable Orders

Apart from the three system-configured work order types, you can also create customized work orders to precisely fit your requirements, granting you the flexibility to operate at your best.

Intelligent Linking

Maintenance work orders directly correlate with issues reported and created within the platform. Meanwhile, email, housekeeping, and custom tasks are seamlessly issued for reservations as needed.

All-in-One Solution

From maintenance, routine, and housekeeping tasks to email reminders, our system's got you covered. Enjoy preset options or tailor it to your unique needs.

Solving Real-world Problems

Optimized Workflow

Bring all tasks under one roof – no matter the urgency, so your team remains proactive and your property operates smoothly.

Prime Guest Satisfaction

With our user-friendly OPS platform, effortlessly monitor and manage tasks, ensuring each guest room is at its peak for a 5-star stay.

Seamless Communication

Our system efficiently connects customer service reps and property managers, ensuring clear dialogue, reduced wait times, and prompt issue resolution.

Personalized System

Create custom groups of work orders so you can organize and quickly make recurring work orders.