Dharma Services

Whether you are a vacation rental property manager, apartment  hotel or a regular hotel, we believe that efficient property management and operations are vital for success in the hospitality industry.

We offer to handle the core operations for your business remotely, so you can focus on what matters the most: Creating a great experience for the guest on-site, and expanding your business. Anything that can be handled remotely, we offer as a service for your hospitality business. We work closely with your on-site staff and together, we can create optimized business operations for you.

Services available for customers of the OPS Platform

We recognize the importance of efficient operations and top-notch customer service for your business success. With our innovative Operations Platform (OPS), we help you simplify operations, boost guest communication, manage maintenance, and offer 24/7 customer support. Here’s how we can help:

General Customer Service Issues

Maintenance Issues and Work Orders

General Guest Communication

24/7 Customer Support

Services available for customers of  the AI Assistant + Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB)

Powered by a comprehensive Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB), our AI assistant revolutionizes the way you organize and retrieve vital information about your business, and how you manage guest communication. Our services ensure that your AI assistant functions optimally, providing accurate and human-like responses, enhancing guest satisfaction, and driving business growth.

Customized Business Data Knowledge Base (BDKB) Development

Continuous BDKB Improvement

Bug Detection and Resolution