Instant Engagement

Fully Automated Mode: For instant guest engagement, where inquiries are immediately handled by the AI. This feature can be used after hours or during peaks to not leave the guest unattended.

Semi-automated Mode: Perfect for those who prefer a Human In The Loop approach, which allows live agents to review and edit AI-generated messages before the guest sees them.

Sophisticated Conversations

Interactions with Dharma AI feel natural and trustworthy, ensuring guests always feel like they're in good hands.

Solving Problems Swiftly

From autonomously registering issues in the system to seamlessly transferring conversations to live agents, we ensure your guest concerns are handled quickly and with utmost care.

Sales & Booking Guidance

In the future, anticipate AI interactions that feel as if you're speaking to a seasoned booking agent. Beyond just dialogue, it naturally offers sales quotes and booking links, ensuring each prospect is efficiently converted and valued.

Your guests deserve exceptional experiences. With Dharma AI, you're ensuring they get just that.