Unified Messaging

Missteps in communication can lead to negative reviews and impact your brand's reputation. With so many channels available, it's easy to miss details.

Our Unified Messaging system centralizes communications by bringing together all messages in one place for a clear overview of all your messages. For each guest, you can also view their message history within their guest profile, while individual channels maintain their own separate histories.

Key Characteristics

Unified Messaging Dashboard

Easily manage messages from platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, and OTAs, all from one convenient place.

Smart Guest Profiles

Effortlessly identify returning guests and welcome new ones, connecting reservations, concerns, and tasks smoothly. By linking unified messaging to guest profiles, it provides an added advantage of retrieving past messages with the guest, deepening our understanding of their profiles.

Evolving AI Support

Starting as a helping hand, our AI adapts to manage common inquiries, letting your team concentrate on superior guest experiences.

Solving Real-world Problems

Centralized Guest Chat

No need to jump between different platforms. Manage all guest communications effortlessly from one hub, minimizing potential slip-ups.

Holistic Guest Profiles

Track every guest interaction effortlessly, consolidating their message history into a detailed profile.

Swift Data Access

With our intuitive sidebar and AI, your team can instantly locate vital information, boosting efficiency.

Future-Ready Design

As AI capabilities expand, our system evolves, ensuring it aligns with your growing business demands.